Bayview Foundation

Bayview Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides housing and supportive services to a diverse population of approximately three hundred low-income residents in Madison’s Triangle Monona Bay Neighborhood.

The foundation engaged TKWA to craft a new master plan that will dramatically reshape the existing property, which includes re-making all housing, play space, parking and a community center. TKWA sought to utilize a design process that would be both sensitive to the deeply personal nature of such a transformation, while also giving the ability to think expansively about how a new Bayview could enhance resident’s lives.

Early planning efforts centered around resident engagement. Team members developed a deep understanding of how residents use and experience their own space. This work parralled efforts by City of Madison planners who were actively creating a larger neighborhood redevelopment plan.


Madison, WI


Master plan for 130-unit housing development. Architectural design for 11,500sf community center and ten residential buildings.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders, TKWA wrote a pattern language identifying key design issues. The patterns served to bridge cultural and language barriers amongst Bayview community members. They also helped facilitate conversations on connectivity between Bayview leaders and City planning officials.

TKWA developed a project master plan that is being refined by Knothe Bruce Architects and Smith Group. TKWA is also providing architectural design for a new Bayview Foundation Community Center to be built on site.