Bethel Horizons

Located in the dynamic and geologically unique landscape of the Driftless Area of southwestern Wisconsin Bethel Horizons is a year-round multi-use facility offering diverse programming for young and old through summer camps, art studio retreats, environmental education, and outdoor adventure activities.

The Bethel Horizons Foundation was created in 1969 as an extension of the Bethel Lutheran Church in Madison, Wisconsin. The land was acquired through the purchase of two farms adjacent to Governor Dodge State Park totaling 440 acres of property. In 2004, BethelHorizons purchased an adjacent 75-acre parcel that has become the permanent home of the Adamah Studio and Retreat Center, a nationally-recognized art residency and retreat destination. 


Dodgeville, WI


550 acres


Planning for youth camp & adult arts retreat/conference center, including new housing, visitor center, and varied site improvements

Bethel Horizons partnered with TKWA to create a new 50th Anniversary Plan as an update to its original Master Plan, faithfully implemented from its creation in 1970. The new Plan focused on five key areas for improvement – a new camp Welcome Center, Camper Cabins, a Staff Village, an expanded Art Studio, and additional housing at the Adamah Retreat Center. Crucial to the success of this plan was integrating the two Bethel Horizons sites while preserving their unique identities, honoring the founding principle of “Forever Wild” areas, and creating accessible routes to some of the site’s most beautiful vistas. 

The first phase of improvements designed by TKWA include two primary components, including, 1) new camper cabins and shower/kitchen building for summer camp use, and 2) new art studio workshop expansion and expansion of residential capacity for workshop guests at the Adamah Art Studio.