Marquette University: St. Joan of Arc Chapel

Originally known as Chapelle de St. Martin de Seyssuel, the St. Joan of Arc Chapel was constructed around 1420 in the community of Chasse-sur-Rhône in southeastern France. The church served the village parish for over 400 years until it fell into a state of disrepair. In the late 1920’s the chapel ruins were reconstructed on a Long Island, NY estate and in 1965 the historic chapel was reconstructed on the Marquette University campus. Today, this historically significant chapel serves as the physical and spriritual heart of the university campus.


Milwaukee, WI


1,150 SF


Worship space with nave and altar, Sacristy, Landscape Terraces + Gratitude Garden

TKWA was hired by Marquette University to lead a consultant team of historic restoration specialists in preparing a Historic Structure Report (HSR) for the Chapel. In addition to the HSR the work included completion of a Chapel Preservation Plan and Maintenance Schedule, as well as an overall Site Analysis and Facility Master Plan to address accessibility issues, repair and maintenance of existing site infrastructure, and to recommend new site enhancements. An accompanying Executive Summary booklet was created to support the University’s Capital Campaign effort.  

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