Zócalo Food Truck Park

Open year-round, Zocalo Food Truck Park contributes a dynamic new offering to Milwaukee’s ever expanding food and beverage scene.

TKWA worked with developer Sean Phelan and food entrepreneur Jesus Gonzalez to design an environment in support of their community-focused mission. The Walker’s Point location is home to six resident food truck operations.

A range of diverse indoor and outdoor gathering places are woven throughout the project. The team repurposed an existing two-story structure into a tavern, serving as Zocalo’s social heart. Food trucks are positioned to create room-like spaces while a garage was converted to covered dining and private event space. Overhead lights, shading devices, game area, and vibrant mural walls create dynamic exterior social zones.

More than just a place to grab a bite, Zocalo serves up community through its thoughtful mix of offerings.


Milwaukee, WI




Completed 2019