Joe Aiello

Visual Communications Director

Joe believes that designers of all disciplines speak a similar language and that the magic happens when the two- and three-dimensional environments are combined. With his past rooted in experiential marketing, he deeply understands how environmental graphic design can make or break a space and brings those insights to the architectural realm. In a constant journey to enrich his overall design experience, Joe joined TKWA after leaving the agency scene to seek a purer means of personal and professional growth. He brought with him the intangible experiences earned from having worked countless hours designing for some of the world's top brands at events seen on the global stage.

A generalist out of necessity, Joe wears many different hats, juggles a wide variety of projects, and drinks a questionable amount of coffee.

  • Fine Arts/Graphic Design, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

  • Visual Communications, Milwaukee Area Technical College


Garver Feed Mill

TKWA Milwaukee